Diesel Defence Servicing

Your Diesel Defence unit will serve your business for many years to come. But it needs a little bit of TLC every so often. It needs servicing.

Servicing isn’t just a ‘make-work’ activity. You’re ahead of the game because you understand the importance of clean fuel – that’s why you bought the unit in the first place.

But you’ve got to stay ahead.

Not servicing your polisher is like buying a COVID vaccine then not keeping it cold. It won’t work when you need it to.


The plan

Here’s what’s included in an annual service plan:

  • Inspection of the enclosure, frame and fittings, pipework, cables, seals, lighting and valves and the replacement of necessary parts.
  • Inspection of tank vent filter(s), if fitted.
  • Replacement of main fuel filter(s).
  • A full operational test.
  • A test of fault conditions such as low or high pressure, bund leak and emergency stop.
  • Full parts warranty, a clear financial benefit that 3rd-party servicers can’t match.

The work is carried out on site, at a date and time to suit you, by IPU, the equipment’s original manufacturer. All our maintenance staff are OFTEC-qualified and will, of course, observe appropriate COVID procedures.


The bonus

As a bonus, we’ll also do a free fuel test while we’re on site servicing your polisher . This is a great opportunity to check the fuel in ‘unpolished’ tanks.


The alternative

We’ve all heard scare stories of unserviced fire extinguishers that don’t work and poorly maintained planes that crash. We don’t want our customers to be tomorrow’s scare story. We want the world to be blissfully unaware that you solve every problem that comes your way, including fuel contamination.

That’s why we want to make sure your polishers are properly serviced.


The need

A service plan isn’t like car insurance. You’re not buying something you hope you’ll never need. Polishers genuinely need servicing. They’re mechanical devices. They have moving parts, pressure seals, pumps, high-voltage electrical parts and electronic sensors. And, with the mobile polishers, well, we do tend to throw ‘em around a bit – more bull than china shop.

If you neglect them, they’ll neglect you.


Upgrade to IPU’s Triple-S Protection

Servicing is part of IPU’s Triple-S plan that ensures the reliability of your fuel.

  1. Service.
  2. Sample.
  3. Survey.

Taking advantage of a service plan ticks the first two steps: your equipment is serviced and your tank is sampled.

An OFTEC-survey completes your protection. It ensures your tanks, pipework, site and processes create a safe environment for your fuel and staff.

And it’s a legal requirement for most sites. Contact us for more details.