Racor 700 Spin-On filter elements

Replacement Racor 700 Spin-On filter elements are available in 10 and 30 micron.

The Parker Racor 700 Series is an example of state of the art fuel filtration.

If filters are fitted in tight spaces, the 700 series is ideal for this. The DC motors on the 700 series also means priming is much easier with no messy pre-filling.The 700 series also includes a 100 micron pre-filter screen. This removes any contamination larger than a grain of salt which will help to extend the life of the main filter media.

What replacement Racor 700 spin-on filter elements do I need?

This table will outline what filter element you require for your Racor 700 Spin-On series filter.

Model 745R30 760R30 790R30 7125R10
Replacement filter elements R45P R60P R90P R125T