The mining industry often means operating in hazardous and/or remote locations. This can make engine maintenance a challenge and yet their reliability is as critical as the safety precautions (such as ATEX) put in place to prevent disaster. IPU has a range of products that can help ensure your engines are reliable and comply to the latest safety regulations:

Engines in the mining industry typically provides power for applications such as:

  • emergency generators
  • fire pumps and sprinkler systems
  • haulage trucks
  • excavators and wheel loaders

As they are required in all conditions their reliability and safety depends on:

  • An ability to start in all conditions – conditions such as temperature extremes, moisture and humidity can severely impact oil lubricity and a batteries ability to crank the engine. IPU can help by removing the need for a battery and supplying a start system that is reliable in all conditions.
  • Compliance with ATEX regulations – Due to the potential explosive gaseous environment, underground mines operate under strict safety rules. In terms of engine starting this means ATEX. IPU can supply ATEX approved air and hydraulic start systems to avoid the risk of sparks.
  • Having clean fuel – Underground mines are dusty environments. This can cause solid particulates to enter fuel systems and cause damage to an engine. IPU has a range of on-engine filtration solutions that can remove fuel contamination and keep your diesel at EN 590 specifications.