Value added sub-assemblies

IPU’s value added sub-assemblies remove time consuming activities from your purchasing and manufacturing processes.

Having IPU to complete your component sourcing and product sub-assembly is beneficial in many ways:

  • Reduction in suppliers
  • Labour cost savings
  • Up to 1 saved per build of assembly time
Value added sub-assemblies: custom to your application

We offer a sub-assembly service across a range of products:

The big advantage to IPU’s sub-assemblies is that the end product will suit your application perfectly. The hoses will be the perfect length. The brackets will be perfectly shaped. The fittings and hose assemblies can be supplied as a single source solution.

When you receive a sub-assembly product from IPU, you know it can be used directly from the box.

The savings

The value added sub-assemblies provided by IPU can result in significant savings for the OEM.

In some sub-assemblies we can save around 1 hour per build time.

Working on an average hourly labour rate, building ten packages per day, that equals a saving of £145 per day!

This doesn’t include the time saved from no longer having to source several different suppliers, and the savings passed on to you from a single supplier buying all components in bulk.

Reduce costs for packages

We purchase components on a large scale. This allows us to make bulk savings on individual components. This also allows us to pass on the cost savings to you when purchasing the complete package.

Reduced number of suppliers

You’ll need to source a supplier for the:

  • hoses
  • adaptors
  • brackets

This could add 3 or more suppliers to your project. IPU can provide you with a ‘plug and play’ solution that is ready to be fitted to your engines.

Sub-assembly: Triplex Racor filter

Sub-assembly: Pump assembly