Fuel Conditioning Programs

A quick search on the web reveals lots of companies who will test your stored diesel fuel, or clean it or sell you a polishing unit. But we know that your goal is simple: reliable power. You want somebody else to handle fuel conditioning so your time is free for your real job. That somebody is IPU.

Our Fuel Conditioning Handbook will tell you everything you need to know about our unique program, designed to make your life easier. Click here to request your free copy

Fuel Conditioning Programme

IPU is the only business partner you need for a full Fuel Conditioning Program


IPU’s three step fuel conditioning process

IPU’s three-part Fuel Conditioning Program presents the simplest and most economical route to clean, dry, reliable fuel. It includes:

      1. DieselCheck Fuel Testing
      2. ClearTank Fuel Cleaning
      3. Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing

The beauty of a Fuel Conditioning Program is its Amazon-inspired simplicity. One company handles everything to do with maintaining your fuel quality and tackling fuel contamination. It’s is the ‘sort it and bill me’ solution that fits the threat.


DieselCheck Fuel Testing


Regular testing alerts you to problems introduced by contaminated deliveries or tank breaches. Like most issues, early detection is key to treating fuel contamination before it becomes serious. IPU offers regular testing as a part of a Fuel Conditioning Program. We can also offer a single DieselCheck Fuel Test by an IPU expert and training for your staff to conduct self-tests.


On-site Fuel Cleaning

ClearTank Fuel and Tank Cleaning

IPU’s ClearTank cleaning service is a one-time process that prepares your fuel for long-term conditioning.

Cleaning is an essential part any diesel fuel conditioning program. Just as you wouldn’t wax a dirty car, we don’t polish dirty fuel. IPU’s ClearTank service cleans your stored fuel without requiring a diesel uplift, without requiring man-entry into your tanks and without losing half your stored fuel in the process. It removes water, solid particulate and microbial contamination. It’s discrete, economical and effective.


Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing Units

Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing Systems

IPU’s Diesel Defence on-tank and mobile polishing units keep fuel clean, dry and ready to power your critical applications.

The adoption of biodiesel is 2011 means clean fuel does not stay clean. Biodiesel attracts water and water encourages microbial growth (aka the diesel bug).  IPU’s Diesel Defence on-tank and mobile polishing units keep fuel clean, dry and ready to power your critical applications.


Since when has fuel needed conditioning?

It’s a question we’ve heard time and time again. It used to be fine to store diesel for 20 years and it worked perfectly. But since 2011, diesel became a blend of petrochemical diesel and FAME, a biological element that reduces the environmental damage caused by burning the fuel.


Video: Understanding fuel contamination

Our short video explains why fuel becomes contaminated and what can happen if the issue is ignored: