Oil & Gas Industry

The unique working environment of the Oil & Gas industry demands that diesel and gas engines are of the highest quality. They operate in all conditions from sub-zero temperatures to explosive atmospheric environments. IPU has a range of products that can help your engines start safely and reliably:

Engines on Oil & Gas sites are critical in providing power for applications such as:

  • emergency generators
  • fire pumps
  • cranes
  • everyday services (such as jet washers etc…)

Their reliability and safety depends on:

  • An ability to start in all conditions – conditions such as temperature extremes, moisture and humidity can severely impact oil lubricity and a batteries ability to crank the engine. IPU can help by removing the need for a battery and supplying a start system that is reliable in all conditions.
  • Compliance with ATEX regulations – Oil & Gas platforms can be hazardous environments. Due to the potential explosive atmosphere they operate under strict safety rules. With regards to engine starting this means ATEX. IPU can supply ATEX approved air and hydraulic start systems to avoid the risk of sparks.
  • Having clean fuel – as biodiesel is now blended into fuel it means water is present when it’s manufactured and attracts more while it’s stored. Water is the enemy of clean fuel. It is a key ingredient in the growth of microbial contamination and accelerates the development of rust which damages tank surfaces. IPU has a range of solutions that can remove fuel contamination and keep your diesel at EN 590 specifications.
  • Having good lubrication – according to Noria (the industry body that promotes better lubrication practises), 80% of engine failures can be attributed to contaminated oils. IPU has real-time monitoring packages and bypass filtersthat can give a voice to your oil and extend it’s life by up to four times.