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Mechanical starters are a reliable, cost-effective way to start diesel engines.

IPU’s range of SureStart spring starters are a reliable, cost-effective way of providing manual starting for diesel engines in a variety of applications. Available for engines up to 12 litres, they are ideally suited to harsh environments such as offshore and marine and provide an ideal low-cost alternative to electric starting systems.




Benefits of spring starting

  • Guaranteed starting. Long shutdowns, damp, cold or harsh environments don’t affect the engine cranking because of the manual operation
  • Reliability. A long and proven track record with many spring starters still operating after decades in service.
  • Space and weight saving. Starting at only 18kg and less than 50% the weight of a conventional electric starter.
  • Operator safety. The crank will not fly off or kick back during operation, and the motor can be unwound if not required.
  • Ease of use. Spring starters are a direct ‘bolt-on’ alternative to electric starters providing quick and easy installation.
  • Reduces battery costs. For certain applications, such as pumps, welders and gen-sets you can remove the need for a battery completely.
  • Lower electrical costs. Without the need for an electric starter a lighter duty alternator can be fitted or your existing alternator will last longer
Our handbook is a comprehensive guide on the benefits of spring starting and how to select the best starting system for your Caterpillar engine – Click here to request your free copy


Which mechanical starter is right for me?

We have a range of mechanical starters to suit different applications and different makes of diesel engine. Our starter motors can also be used to replace many existing Kinetico or Startwell units. To make the choice easier we’ve put together an online product selector to find out which mechanical starter motor is right for you.

Spring Starter Product Selector


An E-Switch pack disables the electric starter when engaged on a dual starter installation.

How do spring starter motors work?

IPU’s mechanical starter motors come complete with a winding handle. Simply push a button on the motor to engage it and wind the handle until a coloured indicator on the motor changes. Then remove the winding handle and, to start the engine, pull on the trip lever on the motor. It’s that simple! We’ve even produced a video that shows just how simple they are to operate:






Operating a spring starter


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