Supporting Fuel Conditioning Products

Fuel Supporting Products

These products are designed to support the maintenance of reliable fuel quality.

Alongside the Fuel Conditioning Programme IPU provides a range of supporting products that can help keep your fuel clean and dry. These include vent traps that protect fuel tanks from atmospheric moisture, Racor turbine filters and spin-on filters that are fitted onto an engine to provide protection from water and solid contamination and the Fuel Purifiner (FP) which is the ‘first line of defence’ removing slugs of water, dirt, sludge and grit.

    IPU Fuel Purifiner
    IPU Fuel Purifiner

    Protect your engine from contaminated diesel and extend the life of your equipment. Reduce call-outs, warranty claims and lower disposal costs. This on-vehicle diesel fuel filter system is available in three flow rate sizes. How good is the quality of the fuel being used in your equipment? If you are hiring out generators,…

    IPU Vent TRAP tank breather
    IPU Vent TRAP Tank Breather

    Even with good fuel housekeeping procedures, water and particle contamination can get into storage tanks through the atmosphere. Night-to-day temperature changes cause tanks to slowly inhale and exhale. As biodiesel is hygroscopic it absorbs water from any new air it comes into contact with. The inhale-exhale process also…