DDF-5 Polishing System

The DDF-5 Fuel Polishing System has a flow rate of 250 l/min, offering superior filtration and ensuring that large volumes of stored fuel and kept clean and dry.


Key advantages of the DDF-5 System

Features of the DDF-5 System

  • Flow rate of 250 l/min.
  • Triple stage filtration for the effective removal of particulate and water contamination.
  • Differential pressure gauge indication of system performance.
  • 7 day programmable timer.
  • Water drain valve on sump of filter housing.
  • Rugged frame with integral drip tray.
  • Safety features as standard; emergency stop, beacon alarm & float switch.
  • Ideal for remote facilities with the ability to connect to BMS.

Specifications of the DDF-5 Fuel Polishing System

Filtration Particulate & microbial contamination removal down to 1 micron to ISO 18/16/13.
Water removal Filtasorb2 media removes water down to 100ppm or better.
Flow rate 250 l/min (series or parallel flow paths)
Tank connectivity Single or multi-tank connectivity and operation
Control panel LED display with 7 day programmable timer
Indication Traffic light filter blockage indicator, siren/flashing Xenon
Safety options Electrical pressure switch/over pressure protection, integral pump bypass, bund flood protection
Communication options BMS, Scada/Modbus, Telemetry
Enclosure options Roller shutter, Glass re-enforced plastic (GRP), Stainless Steel cabinet, Mild Steel cabinet

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