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  • Application: Arnish Power StationLocation: Isle of Lewis, Scotland

    A fuel cleaning operation identified thick layers of sludge at the bottom of SSE’s two 1,000,000-litre bulk storage tanks. The contamination threatened the reliability of the entire power station. Arnish provides top-up power for the Isle of Lewis. The island’s 20MW cable supply from the mainland does not meet the peak…

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  • Application: TelecommunicationsLocation: Nationwide (UK)

    IPU were called in by a leading generator service company to analyse fuel samples at 10 sites. The fuel was tested by an independent UKAS approved laboratory. All the fuel samples failed to meet specification on initial testing. Challenges faced The company’s outdoor storage tanks were vulnerable to water contamination. This…

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  • Application: Facilities ManagementLocation: Chester, UK

    IPU were called to a critical data centre near Chester after a critical power failure. During a power cut its generators stopped running after just 4 minutes. After investigation the client discovered water in their fuel tanks. Challenges faced A high water table and heavy rainfall meant the fuel tank manhole was full of water.…

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    IPU Fuel Conditioning Case Study - Facilities Management
  • Application: HospitalLocation: Kent, UK

    An IPU DieselCheck fuel test showed that the hospitals diesel was heavily contaminated. Action was needed as the consequences of a blackout would be catastrophic.

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    Fuel Conditioning Programme Case Study
  • Application: GeneratorsLocation: North SeaEngine: CAT 3512

    Wintershall, a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF, has been operating in the North Sea since 1965 and today operates a total of 26 platforms, 25 of them in Dutch territorial waters and one in German territorial waters. The company commissioned Pon Power, the Caterpillar dealer in Scandinavia to supply emergency generators for…

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  • Application: Fire Pump ReplacementLocation: Gabon, AfricaEngine: CAT C15

    IPU were recently contracted to supply the emergency starting system on the fire pump replacement for the mature Torpille Field offshore Gabon. The starting system was designed to as an emergency back up on the CAT C15 engine. As the platform has a constant air supply, the recharging of the start accumulator is achieved with…

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  • Application: Emergency Generator SetsLocation: TerengganuEngine: CAT 3516

    Petronas (a Malaysian oil and gas company) are looking to enhance oil recovery in Malaysia, according to Exxon Mobil Corp. The Tapis field, off the coast of Terengganu, will be the main oil field off the coast of Malaysia. This latest contract includes commitments to implement an enhanced oil recovery project at the Tapis field…

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  • Application: Emergency GeneratorLocation: Trinidad and TobagoEngine: CAT G3516

    IPU has supplied a hydraulic start system for the emergency generator onboard the British Gas Hibiscus development. Located in 500 ft of water, the field is approximately 45km off the North coast of Trinidad. The start system was designed to provide extended cranking cycles, critical for the starting of gas engines; that is an…

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  • Application: Emergency Generator SetLocation: MalaysiaEngine: Cummins S3.8

    IPU were awarded the contract to start an emergency generator on the Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel, The Kamelia.The engine was a Cummins S3.8 which had no second start pocket. This had to be designed and manufactured by the client. The engine was a Cummins S3.8 which had no second start pocket. This had to…

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  • Application: Emergency GeneratorLocation: AzerbaijanEngine: CAT 3516

    The IPU Starting Service team recently visited the BP Chirag platform that is being built in Baku, Azerbaijan. The undertaking was to commission and test the starting unit attached to the emergency generator, which had not long been installed. The platform itself, is due to be commissioned in the Caspian Sea in the summer of…

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