IPU Vent TRAP Tank Breather

Even with good fuel housekeeping procedures, water and particle contamination can get into storage tanks through the atmosphere. Night-to-day temperature changes cause tanks to slowly inhale and exhale. As biodiesel is hygroscopic it absorbs water from any new air it comes into contact with. The inhale-exhale process also enables dust and other wear particles to come into contact with your fuel. To protect your diesel, we recommend installing an IPU Vent TRAP (Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection) tank breather which removes moisture from incoming air and, during the exhale cycle, passes dry air through the vent trap purging moisture from the filter.

An IPU Vent TRAP tank breather provides:
  • Reduced risk of water contamination in diesel fuel
  • Extended life when compared with standard desiccant filters
  • Superior moisture blocking compared with desiccant filters
  • Removes moisture at humidity levels as low as 15%
  • Retains filtration effectiveness during cold temperatures as it will not freeze in winter
  • Removes up to 97% of water from moisture laden air as it enters the fuel tank.
  • Self-regenerating moisture adsorption
Why is water considered a contaminant of diesel?
  • Water corrodes metal components which leads to the formation of harmful solid particulates
  • Water reduces fuel lubricity which could cause close tolerance assemblies in fuel injectors to seize
  • Water contributes to the development of corrosive acids
  • Water causes explosive damage to fuel injector tips if it becomes super-heated during combustion
  • Water is one of the key ingredients in the formation of diesel bug

By fitting a Vent TRAP you are reducing the risk of water entering your tank. The Vent TRAP will remove up to 97% of water from moist air as it enters the tank. The IPU Vent TRAP provides longer life, lower maintenance and superior moisture-blocking when compared with standard desiccant filters.

How the Vent TRAP tank breather works

The Vent TRAP breather removes moisture from incoming air. During the exhale cycle it passes dry air through the vent trap, purging moisture from the filter.


Technical Specifications
Efficiency 97% efficient at 3 microns
Max. combined flow rate 400gpm (1500lpm)
Overflow check valve Opens at 10mbar, 4” H2O
Operating temp -40 to +93 °C (-40 to +200 °F)
Fuel type Safe for use with all diesel fuels and lubricants
Dimensions (mm) 363 (h) x 177 (d)
Construction ABS housing, urethane end caps
Connection 1½” NPT female
Replacement Filter P923075 spin-on
  • For use with all diesel fuels and lubricants
  • Above and below ground tank
  • Mobile service trucks
  • Indoor or outdoor applications
  • Most tanks up to 30,000 litres (large tanks may require multiple units)
  • They should only be installed on tanks with emergency vents and should be sized so the clean pressure drop is less than half the tank’s working pressure.