Racor 73-1000/75-1000 Duplex Diesel Fuel Filters

The Turbine Series offers protection for the largest equipment in your fleet.

The Parker Racor Duplex Diesel Fuel Filters offer protection to engines with a maximum flow rate of 1,363 l/ph. They feature the Aquabloc® filter media, a unique engineered product that incorporates pleat-spacing corrugations as well as a graduated pore structure to increase the dirt holding capacity and extend filter life.

Parker Racor products are recognised as a leading fuel filter/water separator in the Power Generation and Rental markets. Many fittings are standard to ensure full protection and guarantee power.

Custom brackets, hoses and fittings

Racor’s duplex filters offer legendary fuel cleaning but they may not be the total solution you’re looking for. IPU’s customised solutions may be the ideal solution:

  • using an IPU assembled Racor unit you will be saving considerable cost on the unit when comparing to a factory assembled unit.
  • the brackets aren’t an ideal fit for their application – we can fully customise the brackets to suit your application.
  • if your production line is having to lose time cutting hoses to suit the application.
  • if your engineering teams lose time designing ancillary fittings and adaptors for the application.

That’s where IPU steps in. We offer a custom, packaged solution for Racor duplex diesel fuel filters. It will suit your application perfectly. The hoses will be the perfect length. They will be fitted to the filters out of the box. The brackets will be perfectly shaped. The fittings and hose assemblies can be supplied as a single source solution. The duplex filter will be simpler and faster to to fit than most single filters.

This will reduce production time, production costs and the chance of production faults.

And IPU’s custom brackets are about 20% cheaper than the Racor equivalents too.

Learn more about IPU’s sub-assemblies.

Racor Aquabloc

Aquabloc® is specially treated to separate and coalesce water away from fuel, causing it to gather into large water droplets which fall into the collection bowl for extraction.

Racor Aquabloc® elements come in three different lengths for various flow rates and are colour coded with the following:

  • 2 micron (2µm): brown.
  • 10 micron (10µm): blue.
  • 30 micron (30µm): red.

The lower the micron rating the finer the filtration. 2 micron elements are required when there are no additional downstream filters. Ultimately, the micron rating preferred will be a function of fuel quality, operating climates and maintenance schedules.


How the Racor Turbine Series works

The Racor Turbine Series fuel filters protect engines through a patented three-stage process:

  1. SEPARATION. The turbine centrifuge separates solids and “free” water through centrifugal action. The turbine series has no moving parts but over 30% of contaminants are removed at this point.
  2. COALESCING. Smaller water droplets and solids coalesce on the specially designed conical baffle and fall to the collection bowl.
  3. FILTRATION. Engines benefit from nearly 100% water separation and fuel filtration with Racor proprietary Aquabloc water repelling media. (The filter media is available in a choice of 2, 10 or 30 microns.)



Technical Specifications of 73-1000 and 75-1000 Duplex Diesel Fuel Filters

Model 73-1000FH (Duplex) 75-1000FHX (Duplex)
Maximum Flow Rate 360 g/ph
1363 l/ph
180/360 g/ph
681/1363 l/ph*
Height 22″ / 559 mm 22″ / 559 mm
Width 16.5″ / 419 mm 18.75″ / 476 mm
Depth 12″ / 305 mm 11″ / 279 mm
Weight 26 lbs / 11.8 kgs 30 lbs / 13.6 kgs
Port Size Std. (Option) 3/4″ BSPT 7/8″ -14 UNF**
Clean Pressure Drop 1.7 psi
11.7 kPa
3.7 psi
25.5 kPa
Maximum Operating Pressure 15 psi
103 kPa
15 psi
103 kPa
Replacement Element # 2020PM-OR 2020PM-OR
Element Removal Clearance 10″ / 254 mm 10″ / 254 mm

* Flow rates shown for one/both filters on-line
** Male “JIC” 37″ fittings