Parker Racor Water/Fuel Separators

IPU are official distributors for Parker Racor, a global leader in fuel, air, and oil filtration systems. We have over 30 years’ experience delivering Parker Racor solutions alongside our own range of fuel conditioning products. Use our cross-reference table to find the filter that fits your engine.

Use our quick and helpful product selector or our reference table to find the right Parker Racor product for your engine.

Fuel contamination, either in the form of water, diesel bug or solid particulates, will always find its way into your fuel. Even the smallest amount of contamination can cause major problems for modern diesel engines as they operate at such high pressure. This can lead to fuel filters becoming blocked, fuel injectors to suffer damage as well as causing complete engine failure.

To protect your engine and your critical power it’s vital that you use comprehensive on-vehicle filtration and fuel conditioning practices on stored diesel.

Parker Racor

Parker Racor filters available at IPU

IPU have a wide range of Parker Racor filters available:

  • SNAPP Filter – a compact fuel filter and water separator for engines with a maximum fuel flow rate of 100 l/hr.
  • Spin-On Series – highly effective filtration series in a variety of compact sizes to fit inside cramped engine compartments.
  • Turbine Series – offering protection for the largest most expensive equipment in your fleet.
  • CVV Filter – crankcase filtration systems offer an effective means to filter emissions as well as preventing atmospheric pollution.