About Us

Trusted Knowledge. Tailored Solutions.


Our Vision at IPU is to make a positive difference worldwide as a leading provider of solutions protecting people, our environment, critical industry and infrastructure.


IPU Group is a privately owned OEM and distributor based in the heart of the UK in the West Midlands. Founded in 1959, we have built a wealth of knowledge over the last 60 years that we are proud to bring to the fore in working with our customers to provide solutions specific to their needs.

We design, manufacture and distribute high quality parts, services, and systems for critical diesel and gas engine applications where reliability, safety and performance are crucial.

Our scope of supply is Global and we are privileged to have such a strong demand throughout the world for our products.

Our specialisms lie within non-electric engine starting solutions, fuel conditioning and infrastructure care, environmental protection and emissions reduction all supported by a nationwide service and maintenance team.

Who we are

Our team is made up of around 60 people, mainly at our UK HQ in West Bromwich, but we also have employees based in France, China and Malaysia in addition to a global network of distributors.

Exceptional service and quality are at the heart of what we do. It goes beyond just what we do as truly making a difference is also about how we do it. Innovation and continuous improvement of our products, people and process is how we ensure we can meet the needs of our customers in an ever changing and challenging world.

Our Mission is to proudly use our expertise and passion to exceed customer expectations through ownership of our individual contribution in the safe delivery of high quality, innovative solutions.  

Our core business is power generation and we are proud to count virtually every diesel generator manufacturer in our customer base, as well as most UK genset installation and maintenance companies.

We are specified in some of the largest Oil & Gas providers for our starting systems and packages.

We also supply our engineered solutions into other industries where reliability, performance and safety are paramount including: Marine, Industrial Engines, Mining & Quarrying, Transport & Haulage and Land Based Industries.


Our Values:


Brilliant people

We know that success lies in recruiting, retaining and developing the most talented people.

Relentless pursuit of excellence

We are driven to be the best in everything we do and we constantly strive to find a better way. We know that continual self and team development are central to delivering excellence.

Creating passionate customers

It’s our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations, remembering that every touch leaves a trace.

Driving a can-do attitude

We consistently seek new innovative ideas and we find creative solutions to overcome challenges and develop opportunities.

Committed to strong ethics and integrity 

We have a straightforward, open and honest approach to all of our relationships and we always seek to do the right thing.


Our divisions

IPU Group consists of 4 product divisions supplying a variety of products and services to our target markets:

Engine Starting: Hydraulic starting systems, air starting, nitrogen starting & spring starters.

Emissions Solutions: Exhaust Gas Treatment and fuel products to reduce emissions from diesel engines. Our systems bring diesel-powered equipment within the limits imposed by the MCPD (Medium Combustion Plant Directive), Non-Road Mobile Machinery regulations (NRMM) and Clean Air Zones.

Fuel Conditioning: Products for detecting and controlling diesel fuel contamination including: Fuel Polishing systems, Racor fuel filtration, diesel sampling and testing equipment. 

Components: A sourcing service for leading engine and generator manufacturers. Our procurement experts source anything from displays, I/O Modules, senders, switches, gauges, instrumentation, pumps, level indicators, flow valves to a wide variety of components for engines and gensets.

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