Remanufactured Air Starters

IPU can supply a remanufactured starter motor in just days instead of weeks. Thanks to a large stock holding we have access to over 3,500 remanufactured air starters that cover all major makes and models, including:

  • Ingersoll Rand
  • TDI
  • Austart
  • Pow-R-Quik
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Air starter motors are a compact and powerful way of starting an engine. But, like everything else in this world, they eventually fail. When that happens you can’t afford to be without an engine for 10 weeks while you wait for a new one. When you need a replacement, you need it yesterday.



What are remanufactured air starters?

Remanufactured starters are starter motors that have been remanufactured to ‘as new’ condition. When a starter motor fails we will supply you with a direct replacement. Once your engine is back up and running we offer you a rebate for the old starter motor so we can remanufacture it. Our expert team dismantle the old unit, replace all wearing parts and failed components and restore it to full operability. Remanufacturing should not be confused with a simple repair. Our remanufacturing process is much more comprehensive. Once a starter has been remanufactured we’ll guarantee it by testing, certifying and giving it 6 months warranty.


Fast delivery

A reman starter from IPU can be with you in just days. We have thousands of air starters available and can deliver them faster than you can buy new. Why wait months when we can get a replacement to you in days? When your engine isn’t running you’re losing time, revenue and reputation. You need a replacement and you need it now.


Guaranteed rebate

When you purchase a reman air starter from IPU we’ll offer a guaranteed no quibble rebate for your old one. We’ll honour this price no matter what its condition unlike programmes where the amount you receive depends on the damage to the starter.


Replace like-for-like – no engine modifications required

IPU can supply you with a like-for-like replacement for your old starter motor. We have access to over 3,500 reman starters that cover the majority of makes and models. Don’t worry if you don’t know the make and model of your starter motor. We’re engine starting experts and can help you identify it.


One supplier for all makes and models of starter motor

Sourcing starter motors for different pieces of equipment used to mean dealing with several different contacts. IPU’s reman starter programme gives you a single point of contact for all the starter motors you need. Our engineering and manufacturing department can also supply custom-designed packaged solutions for air, hydraulic, nitrogen and spring starting.

We are your one-stop-shop for non-electric engine starting.


The process for ordering a reman air starter

Our aim is to get your engine running again as quickly as possible. That is why we’ve made the process of ordering a reman starter very simple:

  1. Order a reman starter motor from IPU
  2. Receive the air starter and fit it to your engine
  3. Send the old starter motor to IPU within 30 days
  4. Receive the agreed rebate value