Total Fuel Management

IPU’s Total Fuel Management Services handle everything from regular testing, cleaning and polishing to remedial activities such as lining tanks, uplifting contaminated fuel, building bunds and documenting procedures. If you have concerns about fuel quality, speak to an experienced IPU fuel expert about our industry-leading fuel and environmental managed services.



Why do I need Total Fuel Management from IPU?

Testing, cleaning, polishing, inspections, repairs – maintaining fuel has become a complex business. The engines you use and the regulations you work under mean that you can’t just leave fuel in a tank and forget it.

We can offer everything you need to keep your fuel in peak condition from environmental compliance through OFTEC surveys to subsequent remedial recommendations, installation of polishing systems and scheduled maintenance routines. And, as a leading OEM in fuel systems, we are in a unique position to design and manufacture the solution most tailored to your needs.

Your backup power can’t run without diesel. It’s your lifeblood. IPU protects it.


OFTEC inspections

IPU’s engineers are certified to carry out OFTEC inspections of your of fuel pipework, storage and pumping systems. OFTEC requires that any site that stores diesel should carry out an
annual inspection to ensure the fuel is being handled safely. Failed audits can lead to prohibition notices being served to decommission or evacuate buildings.

IPU offer an exceptionally economical service by adding our OFTEC surveys into fuel testing, cleaning or other site visits.


DieselCheck Diesel Testing

Regular testing gives you scientific proof that your fuel is clean and will not damage your engines. Our analyses – from our own independent lab or a commercial lab – identify all common
contaminants. You can send samples to us or have us collect them.

If the analysis is clear, the report is a cheap, fast route to reassurance. If there’s a problem, it proposes steps you can take to fix the problem fast, reliably and economically. Our DieselCheck portable diesel analyser lets you conduct your own fuel tests on site according to your own schedule.


Fuel Cleaning Service

IPU’s Fuel Cleaning Service takes whatever measures are necessary to remove contamination from your stored diesel. Our experienced team is used to working in constrained environments such as urban basements and has equipment to suit small rooms, corridors and stairways.

In most instances, we clean your fuel from outside the tank, using high flow rates to pull contaminants from the sides of your tanks into our cleaning systems. In extreme cases, we remove the fuel and use man-entry cleaning to ensure the best results.


Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing

Contamination is growing in your fuel tanks right now. Water is being absorbed from the atmosphere, if nowhere else. Microbes are growing, especially if the tank’s in a warm location. Left to its
own devices, your fuel could start doing real damage to your engines in a few months.

A Diesel Defence fuel polisher stops that damage by keeping your fuel clean. It cycles the fuel in your tank through its filters, removing contamination before it has the chance to establish a firm hold. Diesel Defence polishers are a low-maintenance way to keep fuel clean, and an important part of your total fuel management.



Your Diesel Defence unit will serve your business for many years to come. But it needs a little bit of TLC every so often. It needs servicing. Servicing isn’t just a ‘make-work’ activity. You’re ahead of the game because you understand the importance of clean fuel – that’s why you bought the unit in the first place. But you’ve got to stay ahead.

Our annual service plan includes an inspection of the enclosure, frame, fittings, cables, a replacement of filters, a full operational test and a test of fault conditions.

As a bonus, we’ll also do a free fuel test while we’re on site servicing your polisher . This is a great opportunity to check the fuel in ‘unpolished’ tanks.



Cloud Monitoring

You can save money, time and manpower by remotely monitoring fuel stores and systems in distant locations. IPU’s E.A.R.L. Cloud Monitoring Software monitors the quality of your remote fuel
stocks and gives you total control of the polishing unit that preserves them. You can switch it on and off and change how it operates. You can see real-time reports of fuel contamination levels and get real-time alerts.

E.A.R.L. Cloud Monitoring Software gives you the data you need to plan condition-based maintenance rather than sticking to an inflexible and wasteful schedule.


Diesel Defender Fuel Additive

IPU’s Diesel Defender additive is a simple and economical way to 2 keep stored fuel fresh and stable for up to 2 years. It suits tanks that are too small to justify other measures such as a Diesel Defence fuel polisher.

Diesel Defender resists the microbial contamination that damages injectors and other sensitive engine components. It reduces water contamination by breaking emulsions and promoting separation, leaving free water that’s easier to remove. It also inhibits the oxidation that’s common in fuel that stands for long periods.


Environmental assessments

Another facet of IPU’s Total Fuel Management offering are Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) identify the scale and nature of the effect your site has on the surrounding area.

The assessments include:

  • Environmental risk assessments.
  • Identification of affected water-courses.
  • Evaluation of local sites of special scientific interest (SSSI).
  • Ground investigations.


Fuel Uplift & Tank Decommissioning

In instances when fuel degrades to such an extent that it can’t be bought back to refinery grade standard, IPU offer a comprehensive, competitive and compliant fuel removal service.
Tanks also go beyond repair, and are susceptible to erosion. With the average guarantee of 10 years for Mild Steel tanks, eventually they may need replacing.

IPU can provide tank removal service, as well as managing the installation and commissioning of a new bulk storage facility, in both Mild Steel and plastic installations.


Spill response

Fuel spills represent a significant risk to the environment and human health especially if the spill reaches a water course. IPU offer rapid-action remediation services to mitigate the damage and any regulatory consequences that may follow.

Not all of our remediation services are emergency response.

We can address almost all the work that may be identified in an OFTEC inspection: tank and pipework repairs, safety measures and processes, signage and a range of other civil engineering tasks.