Enovation Engine and Genset Battery Chargers

Enovation Controls have a range of industrial battery chargers for standby engine-driven equipment and DC power applications: gensets, firepumps, industrial pumps, electric vehicles, emergency lighting, UPS system, DC motor systems and DC control and monitoring.

Enovation chargers include advanced features that optimize the performance, reliability and lifetime of your batteries and DC power systems:

  • Multi-stage charge regimes: rapid charge recovery, followed by constant voltage float charging.
  • Output calibration optimized for application and battery type: vented lead-acid, sealed VRLA AGM or Gel, Calcium-Calcium, NiCd.
  • Switch-mode power supply or thyristor-based designs.
  • Low ripple (<1%), necessary for charging sealed/recombination cells.
  • Alarm outputs, for remote signalling of fault conditions.
  • Temperature compensation of output float and boost voltages.
  • 12V or 24V nominal output voltages.
  • 3 to 30+ Amp output ratings.
  • AutoBoost feature, for charge equalisation and performance, without overcharging.
  • Open-frame, protective cover and stainless steel, wall-mounted enclosure variants.
  • CE, UL, CSA, FM and NFPA standards compliance.