Racor 700 Series Spin-on Filter

The Parker Racor 700 Series is equipped with state-of-the-art fuel pumps with DC motors. For off-engine mounting the 12V pump offers economical on-demand priming. For tough on-engine applications the 24V brushless version is recommended as the motor shaft directly drives the gerotor, creating a unique, positive displacement pump. The gerotor has fewer parts than gear or vane pumps, and the sensorless control technology of the DC motor make this product the most reliable filter and pump assembly on the market.

The Parker Racor 700 series offers a great solution where filters are installed in hard to reach places. The DC motors on the 700 series also means priming is much easier with no messy pre-filling.

The 700 series also includes a 100 micron pre-filter screen. This removes any contamination larger than a grain of salt which will help to extend the life of the main filter media.

The replaceable spin-on Aquabloc® filter elements are available in 2, 10 and also 30 micron ratings depending on your application and requirements. The reusable see-through contaminant collection bowl also allows the operator to check contamination build-up at a glance.


Racor 700 Series Features

  • Aluminum filter head with integral mounting bracket and four ports (2 inlets and 2 outlets) with 7/8”-14 SAE o-ring threads.
  • Self-venting drain.
  • 12 volt or 24 volt electronic priming pump.
  • Rugged and reliable.
  • Replaceable Aquabloc® spin-on filter.
  • Reusable, clear collection bowl.
  • 100 micron prefilter screen.
  • Water-in-fuel (WIF) water detection probe.
  • Vent valve to purge air during fuel priming.