Portable Diesel Analyser – DieselCheck

IPU’s market-leading portable diesel analyser. Instant, accurate analysis and easy to use.

DieselCheck is a portable diesel analyser that gives you an instant and accurate assessment of the quality of your fuel. DieselCheck analysers check particulate and water contamination as well as fuel density.

This helps alert you to a range of potential problems:

  • Particulate contamination from rusting pipework or tank corrosion.
  • Particulate contamination from dirt ingress.
  • Particulate contamination from diesel bug growth (microbial contamination).
  • Water contamination from low-quality deliveries.
  • Water contamination from leaking covers.
  • Water contamination from condensation.
  • Incorrect density due to fuel substitution.


Video: DieselCheck Analyser in action


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different versions of the DieselCheck portable diesel analyser?
DieselCheck P Particle analysis only; contamination results are shown using ISO, NAS or SAE codes.
DieselCheck PW Particle and water analysis; water is measured in parts per million (ppm).
DieselCheck PWD Particle, water and density analysis; density is shown in kg/l.
Why is DieselCheck the best?

Fuel testing used to be a complicated process beset with opportunities for human error, delays and malfunctions. IPU’s DieselCheck portable diesel analyser makes these problems a thing of the past:

  • Clear: results are presented unambiguously on the unit’s main screen leaving no scope for misinterpretation.
  • Simple: the DieselCheck combines laboratory-quality analysis with incredible ease-of-use: connect the fuel sample, press the control button, read the results.
  • Multi-analysis: with one fuel sample and one DieselCheck, you can simultaneously check particulate and water contamination and fuel density.
  • Fast: results are shown within seconds of the analysis process starting. There is no need to wait days for results to come back from a lab.
  • Local: there is no need for the special processes and packaging associated with sending fuel samples in the post. DieselCheck works on-site.
  • Real-time: samples do not have time to degrade or alter between sampling and testing.
  • Flexible: fuel can be analysed from a sample bottle or through a direct connection to your storage tank.
  • Accurate: the DieselCheck’s self-priming feature automatically removes the air bubbles that decimate the accuracy of inferior analysers.
  • Reliable: the DieselCheck’s internal gear pump is protected against damaging current and temperature fluctuations.
  • Rugged: a tough case protects the unit’s reliability in real world conditions.
  • Practical: the DieselCheck’s memory stores 512 results so the same tank’s fuel can be assessed over time.
  • Convenient: the DieselCheck is battery-powered. The battery lasts for 6 hours of continuous use, enough for several days on the road for many service engineers and field technicians.
  • Compatible: USB to output results to any computer running Microsoft Excel.
What applications is the DieselCheck suitable for?
  • Plant hire: testing diesel before and after hiring ensures that your customers are using the appropriate fuel in your equipment.
  • Generator service: with your own testing service you can eliminate contaminated fuel as a source of generator failure.
  • Construction: projects depend on all types of diesel-powered equipment from dump trucks to excavators and even compressors. On-site fuel stores need to be checked in such a contamination hotspot.
  • Data centres: the fuel that feeds critical backup generators has to be checked regularly. On-site testing is more economical than an out-sourced service.
  • Healthcare: lives depend on reliable power. Fuel needs to be tested regularly to ensure backup generators will work when required.
  • General fuel management: any organisation that accepts regular diesel deliveries should test its fuel stores before and after each delivery. Only with comparative data can you accurately pinpoint a source of contamination.
DieselCheck P DieselCheck PW DieselCheck PWD
Particle contamination analysis (ISO 4406, SAE AS4059, NAS 1638) Yes Yes Yes
Water contamination analysis (ppm) No Yes Yes
Fuel density analysis (kg/l) No No Yes
Bottle sampling Yes Yes Yes
Tank sampling Yes Yes Yes
Internal memory 8.5 hours sampling @ 1 sample/minute 8.5 hours sampling @ 1 sample/minute 8.5 hours sampling @ 1 sample/minute
Trending software Yes Yes Yes
USB data transfer to CSV Yes Yes Yes