Racor 200 Series Spin-on Filter

The Parker Racor 200 series fuel filter/water separators are specifically designed to handle tough diesel filtration problems. It offers three base assemblies, the 215R, 230R, and 245R. which all feature a standard integrated fuel primer pump. Each unit may also be expanded to include an in-bowl heater (12 or 24v) for cold weather climates (diesel applications only) and a water-in-fuel detection probe.

The Parker Racor 200 Series features a vent plug to easily remove trapped air, making fuel priming of the filter an easy, no-mess experience. These assemblies are also available in a UL approved version for marine applications, including a metal bowl and drain plug.

The Parker Racor 200 series also features the innovative Aquabloc® filter media, which offers near 100% water seperation. Depending on your application and requirements the replaceable spin-on filter elements are available in 2, 10 and 30 micron ratings.


Racor 200 Series Features

  • Integrated primer pump and vent plug for easy, no-mess priming.
  • 1/4”-18 NPTF fuel ports.
  • Optional 200 watt in-bowl heater available in 12 or 24v.
  • Optional water-in-fuel probe also available.