Fuel Polishing Hire

We have a range of fuel polishing systems specifically for hire. This means you can have all the benefits of fuel polishing without the commitment of purchasing a unit. Brilliant for one off or unexpected jobs, they can be hired for days, weeks or even months at a time!

Fuel polishing systems are vital for diesel-powered emergency systems. They remove a critical point of failure: fuel contamination. Modern engines and fuel systems need clean fuel to run reliably. If left untreated diesel is under constant attack from watermicrobial growth and solid particulates, even after cleaning. There is a solution. Diesel Defence units preserve your stored fuel to EN590 standards, greatly improving the reliability and dependability of your critical systems such as standby generators and fire pumps.

You have the option to collect the unit yourself or have it delivered to site. Collection is sometimes the preferred method for some of the smaller units. If you’re looking to hire the two larger units, we will need to arrange special delivery.

Depending on your needs for the job, we will need to make sure that the site can accept delivery of the unit. Sometimes access can be tricky, so we will run through a range of questions to make sure there are no hiccups when it arrives on-site.


Hire fleet

DDM1 Buggy DDM2 Buggy
fuel polishing hire
Weight: 57kg

Flow rate: 50lp/m

Crate Dimensions: 89 x 74 x 140 cm

Standard Hoses included: yes, 1″ 3m & 1m lance

Voltage: 110V

Weight: 87kg

Flow rate: Up to 70lp/m

Crate Dimensions: 89 x 74 x 140 cm

Standard Hoses included: yes, 1″ 3M & 1m lance

Voltage: 230V

500 lp/m rig 8 Filter Housing System
Weight: 468kg

Flow rate: 500lp/m

Dimensions:120 x 115 x 160cm

Standard Hoses included: 2″ BSP/camlock, 10M

Voltage: 400V

Weight: 700kgs

Flow rate: 220lp/m

Dimensions: 250x 130 x 170 cms

Standard Hoses included: 2″ 10M BSP/Camlock

Voltage: 400V

Minimum tank size: 2,000l

Maximum tank size: 100,000l

Frequently asked questions

Does the fuel polishing hire rig come with filters?

Yes! At IPU we will always make sure you have more filters than you think you’ll need, in a range of micron ratings. At the end of your hire when the unit is returned, simply return any unused filters and we’ll give you a full refund. Doing this makes sure there’s no disruption to your clean while you wait for more filters to be delivered!

How often are the units serviced?

After every hire, we service the polishers to check that they are up to standard and ready for the next job. Our workshop engineers service them immediately so if you come to us at short notice, we should have a unit ready to go (unless they are all hired out!).

I've never used one before, are they easy to use?

Yes, they are simple to use. Our team can give you a run-through of how they work, but essentially you just need to connect them to power, connect the hoses, pop the lances in the fuel tank and switch it on! The filter changing process is extremely simple, too.

The clean is taking longer than I first thought, what should I do?

If the cleaning is taking longer than expected, contact us. As long as the fuel polisher hasn’t been booked by another customer, we can extend the hire for as long as is necessary.


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