OFTEC Inspection services

IPU’s OFTEC inspection services lighten the regulatory and managerial burdens associated with storing fuel.

Our services help you avoid workplace injuries, business disruptions and financial penalties. We reveal the structural and procedural issues that could damage your business and we provide the remedies for those issues.

We have a large and experienced team, based in the field, just a phone call away from being on your site.


What is OFTEC?

OFTEC is the industry association that governs the inspection and certification of fuel pipework, storage and pumping systems. Every site that stores diesel needs an annual OFTEC inspection. IPU’s fuel team regularly services generator diesel tanks which are connected to buildings through their pipework infrastructure. The engineers are in an ideal position to advise customers on problems their appliances might have with building and fire regulations.


Why do I need these Checks?

These checks are vital to make sure you are up to date with the OFTEC regulations. Our inspection services prevent accidents and grant protection against litigation if an accident does occur. IPU reduce the disruption, administration and cost of inspections by merging them with the regular fuel conditioning work we do on many sites.


What if you’re not up to standard?

IPU solve the problems we identify. Remedial work is always varied. It can include better warning signs, new barriers or documenting working procedures. We re-certify the site once we have completed the remedial actions identified by earlier inspections.


Why IPU?

OFTEC inspections are just one part of IPU’s total fuel management offering.

From sampling and analysing fuel with our DieselCheck service, cleaning fuel, keeping it in spec with our Diesel Defence fuel polishing units, right through to installations and tank decommissioning, IPU will do it all.

IPU are the only company you need for services as diverse as fuel testing and spill recovery. We reduce disruptions in the workplace by merging many services into a single visit.

We support businesses in sectors including power generation, oil & gas, marine, IT & telecoms, manufacturing and government.

Our industry experience, competitive pricing and superb support let us evolve from a regular supplier to become the company our customers want to do business with.