IPU Finance Options

If your organisation faces a deadline to meet a critical performance target, it could be dangerous to let a budget limit interfere. You might miss vital revenue or face a painful non-conformance penalty. With IPU’s finance options, you can install equipment when you need it. Finance is available for many IPU products including Selective Catalytic Reduction systems and Fuel Polishing units.

You can hit your targets, conform to regulations or generate the revenue you need. Your CapEx budget is unaffected. Financing the purchase lets you spread the cost of the new system over several years. 5 years makes the monthly payments more manageable. 2 years makes the payment cycle shorter. Financing has other advantages too:

  • The cost of the entire project becomes 100% tax deductible.
  • The equipment is not shown as a depreciating asset on your organisation’s balance sheet.

Leasing has numerous advantages:

  • Equipment can be acquired when needed, not when budgets allow.
  • Cash stays in the business.
  • Leasing converts one large capital expenditure into smaller monthly payments.
  • Costs are predictable.
  • Lease rental and lease purchase is 100% tax deductible.
  • Lease rental equipment is not a depreciating asset on the company’s balance sheet.
  • System enhancements and expansions can be incorporated into lease rental agreements.