Electronic automatic voltage regulator compatible with all brushless alternators – output current 5A

Main features:

  • Half-Wave thyristor output
  • 0-5 amps. output current
  • 0-115 volts output voltage
  • Relay-less circuit design
  • Low frequency protection
  • Built in voltage adjustment
  • Remote voltage adjustment
  • Stability adjustment
  • Easy connection scheme
  • Compatible with various types of alternators

AVR-5 Voltage Regulator is an electronic device which lets the alternator to produce fixed output voltage.
It has open chassis, resin molded design and is intended to be mounted in the alternator’s terminal box.

Basically the unit is compatible with all brushless type alternators. A stability adjustment potentiometer is also provided for this purpose.

The AVR-5 has a special relay-less electronic circuit design. The required minimum residual voltage for build up is 5 VAC.