Racor 200 Spin-On filter elements

The replacement Racor 200 Spin-On filter elements are available in 2, 10 or 30 micron. The Parker Racor 200 Spin-On series fuel filter/water separators are specifically designed to handle tough diesel filtration problems.

What replacement Racor 200 spin-on filter elements do I need?

This table will outline what filter element you require for your Racor 200 Spin-On series filter.

Model 215R-2/10/30 230R-2/10/30 245R-2/10/30
Replacement filter elements R15P


What makes Aquabloc® filter media so special?

The Aquabloc® media found in the 200 series elements is pleated, corrugated for optimum water rejection.

Fuel entering the filter head is diverted past the vertical media pleats, allowing larger water droplets and contamination particles to fall directly to the collection bowl.

Smaller water droplets coalesce on the media surface until they are large enough to also drop to the collection bowl. Small contamination particles are stopped at the surface of the Aquabloc® media, while even smaller particles are held deeper in the media layers.