Fuel Cleaning Services – ClearTank diesel cleaning

ClearTank is the premier fuel cleaning service for removing contamination from diesel bulk storage tanks. It is an economical, efficient service that ensures diesel-powered equipment can run reliably. It addresses the three main forms of fuel contamination: water, solid particulates and microbial growth (a.k.a. the diesel bug).

Our Fuel Conditioning Handbook addresses the importance of keeping your fuel clean – Click here to request your free copy


What sets ClearTank above other fuel cleaning services?


  • We save you money by only providing you with this service if your fuel is found to be contaminated. Our service always starts with a fuel test. If your fuel is not contaminated we do not clean it.
  • We guarantee our results with an optional report from a third-party laboratory. We clean your fuel until it exceeds industry standards for cleanliness. These standards include ISO 4406 for cleanliness (18/16/13) and EN 590 for water content (200ppm).
  • The operation is completed quickly. Our fuel polishing systems use the most advanced technology and filtration media. Your fuel is not only cleaned more effectively, it is also cleaned faster.
  • Our cleaning systems work. We use high flow-rate systems that generate turbulence within the fuel storage tank. Fuel is moved around the tank using directional lances inserted through the fill and drain points. This technique disrupts the pockets of contamination that build up in low turnover tanks and forces contaminants into the cleaning systems.
  • We can work on any tank, anywhere. This includes day tanks and bulk storage tanks. Our cleaning systems are de-mountable and modular. They are disassembled to reach tanks with restricted access and re-assembled closer to the tanks.
  • We remove contaminants, not fuel. Stored fuel is a valuable asset. We are committed to helping you retain that asset by carefully removing particulates and water and returning the fuel to its tank.
  • We provide a fully documented service. We provide comprehensive RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statements) documentation to support all our cleaning projects. The document pack varies according to the location but can cover ladder inspections, working at height, opening storage tanks, our fuel cleaning system, materials safety sheets for all cleaning agents, waste consignment notes, safe contractor accreditation and insurance.
  • We are an ethical and responsible supplier. IPU only disposes of waste fuel and contaminants through a certified waste carrier. The by-products of the cleaning project are disposed of as sustainably as possible.
  • We put the customer first. We are as unobtrusive and as fast as possible. We arrive in few vehicles. Our teams arrive on-site ready to start work. When we finish a project we can produce customised reports for every customer and each individual tank.
  • We are discrete. The ClearTank service operates from an unmarked van to avoid unsettling customers. Even though tank cleaning is a prudent precautionary measure it can be misinterpreted.
  • We only use man-entry cleaning when it is absolutely necessary. The standard ClearTank service does not require temporary generators nor temporary fuel supplies because your stored fuel supply is accessible while we clean it. ClearTank does not require tanks to be resealed and pressure tested because it does not damage them. We use man-entry cleaning in special circumstances but it is expensive, slow, hazardous and disruptive.


What does a ClearTank project look like?

When you commission fuel cleaning from IPU we use the most appropriate equipment and techniques for your site.

  1. We conduct a site visit to ascertain how many fuel storage tanks need servicing, their location, the height differential between them, access restrictions, site policies and your standard working practices.
  2. We test the fuel in each of the tanks.
  3. We send you the results of the fuel tests and a project plan that includes complete RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statements) documentation.
  4. The cleaning work is scheduled.
  5. Our team arrives equipped and ready to start soon after they are granted site access.
  6. ClearTank works by using high flow-rate cleaning systems to generate turbulence in the tanks. This disturbs the pockets of contamination and stagnant fuel that build up over time in tanks that are rarely emptied and refilled. Once disturbed, the contaminated fuel is drawn into the cleaning equipment.
  7. Our ClearTank technicians use directional lances to reach parts of a tank that would otherwise remain untouched.
  8. Our equipment is connected to a tank’s fill and drain points. By working from two different places, we introduce a swirling motion within the stored fuel that drives all of the asset into the cleaning system.
  9. Fuel is tested throughout the cleaning process. Only when the fuel is clean to industry standards (e.g. ISO 4406, EN 590) does the process finish.
  10. We produce an IPU certificate of cleanliness for the fuel in each tank or, if you prefer, we can send a sample to an independent laboratory for analysis.

If it is required, we can also offer man-entry fuel cleaning.

After you have used ClearTank, Diesel Defence DDF units will keep your fuel clean

Cleaned fuel does not stay clean. It is under constant attack from water ingress, particulates and microbial growth. A Diesel Defence DDF unit can be attached to your tank to circulate the fuel and polish it every day. Diesel Defence on-tank units stop new contamination gaining a foothold in your tanks.

Fuel cleaning is not the end of the story: IPU’s ClearTank Gold Service

Members of IPU’s ClearTank Gold Service receive scheduled 6-monthly operational checks. During these visits, our technicians:

  1. Test the fuel to confirm it still adheres to industry standards.
  2. Submit fuel cleanliness report to you.
  3. Check the Diesel Defence DDF unit and replace any spent filter cells.
  4. Change the Diesel Defence DDF unit’s scheduling according to the fuel test results to reduce running time and operating costs.

The ClearTank service is relevant to any organisation that stores diesel but it is vital in the following applications:

  • Critical power sites: hospitals, data-centres and telecoms.
  • Marine: ship bunkers and dockside storage.
  • High-security: MOD, government and corporate head-quarters.
  • Limited access: rooftops, basements, prestige offices and dispersed locations.
IPU's three step fuel conditioning process

ClearTank is the second stage in IPU’s Fuel Conditioning Programme. The four-part programme is the simplest and most economical route to clean, dry, reliable fuel. It includes:

      1. DieselCheck Fuel Testing
      2. ClearTank Fuel Cleaning
      3. Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing

Our short video explains the four stages of the programme and how that can keep your diesel clean and dry: