Fuel Cleaning Services – On-site Diesel Cleaning

ClearTank is the premier fuel cleaning service for removing contamination from diesel bulk storage tanks. It is an economical, efficient service that ensures diesel-powered equipment can run reliably. It addresses the three main forms of fuel contamination: water, solid particulates and microbial growth (a.k.a. the diesel bug).

Our Fuel Conditioning Handbook addresses the importance of keeping your fuel clean – Click here to request your free copy


IPU’s fuel cleaning team have a large fleet of cleaning rigs, designed and built in-house by the IPU team. The newly launched ‘Beast’, pictured above, is the fastest and most powerful cleaning rig on the market at 700 l/min. Even the dirtiest of fuel can be cleaned in a matter of hours.

Our field team have years of experience cleaning fuel, and we have been to almost every type of site – from the bottom of a basement to the most sensitive site requiring security clearance. They are supported by in-house project managers, service coordinators and an engineering team to ensure every eventuality is considered and every job goes smoothly.

A typical fuel cleaning project goes something like this:


IPU’s Gold Standard of Fuel Cleaning

Qualified, industry leading, extensively experienced fuel technicians:

  • 6 month extensive in-house training prior to initial supervised deployment.
  • Our technicians are familiar with behaviour and protocol when working on Critical Uptime sites.
  • Decades of fuel related experience.
  • Each technician is literate in fuel cleanliness standards as dictated by WWFC.
  • Approved vendor status with most FM’s and government facilities.
  • Security clearance for even the most sensitive sites.
  • Additive dosing and fuel stabilisation delivered by our technicians prior to leaving every site.
  • Safe contractor approved.
  • Our field teams are supported by our in-house fuel experts, project managers and engineering teams.

Reporting you can trust:

  • Each of our trained operators has a Dieselcheck fuel cleanliness analyser. We can give you your results there and then followed by a laboratory report and advice.
  • Each Dieselcheck unit is calibrated annually to guarantee accuracy.
  • Our field teams are supported by our in-house chemists, fuel experts, project managers and engineering teams.
  • 6 monthly sampling and trend analysis.

Equipment that is designed, built and used by our teams:

  • All hardware is designed and manufactured by IPU.
  • All filters are IPU original brand which carry 99.9% efficiency. The IPU FilterSorb range features revolutionary media that removes water to under 100ppm aAllcross an impressive range of flow rates. FiltaSolid is a range of recleanable and disposable media to remove solid particulates from 1 to 800 microns.
  • Highest flow rate systems on the market up to 700 l/min. ‘The Beast’, our 700 l/min can be deployed to site in a matter of hours.
  • Our fleet of fuel polishing systems is comprehensive with over 15 systems


Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to keep my fuel polished after it has been cleaned?

Cleaned fuel does not stay clean. It is under constant attack from water ingress, particulates and microbial growth. A Diesel Defence unit can be attached to your tank to circulate the fuel and polish it every day. Diesel Defence on-tank units stop new contamination gaining a foothold in your tanks.

What applications do you clean fuel in?

The ClearTank service is relevant to any organisation that stores diesel but it is vital in the following applications:

  • Critical power sites: hospitals, data-centres and telecoms, STOR and FFR sites.
  • Marine: ship bunkers and dockside storage.
  • High-security: MOD, government and corporate head-quarters.
  • Limited access: rooftops, basements, prestige offices and dispersed locations.
What is IPU's three step fuel conditioning process?

ClearTank is the second stage in IPU’s Fuel Conditioning Programme. The four-part programme is the simplest and most economical route to clean, dry, reliable fuel. It includes:

      1. DieselCheck Fuel Testing
      2. ClearTank Fuel Cleaning
      3. Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing