Racor Spin-on Series Diesel Fuel Filters

The Parker Racor Spin-On series delivers highly effective filtration in a variety of compact sizes to fit inside cramped engine compartments. The series features the Aquabloc® II filter media which is corrugated to allow a greater surface area to be available for fuel filtration and dirt collection. The spin-on fuel filter cartridges are also incredibly quick and easy to change allowing you to speed up engine services.

Use our cross-reference table to find the filter that fits your engine.

The Spin-On series features a see-through bowl which enables visibility of water content without dismantling the filter. Every filter in the series also features a leak-proof, positive seal drain, which makes removal of collected water a simple process.

These cost-effective filters are for on-engine or remote mounting, and come with hand-operated (diesel only) priming pumps, a feature which allows for easy filter replacement and air purge. When the service comes around, only the filter element is replaced, whilst the bowl and drain plug are reused. Water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor upgrades are also available to alert operators to drain accumulated water from the bowl.


How does water separation work?

Primary separation is achieved simply by bringing the fuel into a larger volume vessel which slows the flow rate down and enables the water to drop out. The fuel is then ‘polished’ by the hydrophobic Aquabloc® media that has a surface coated with a ‘coalescing’ coating that can take the water content down to less than 30ppm.


Advantages of the Racor Spin-on Series

  • Aquabloc® filter media in 2, 10 or also 30 micron rating.
  • See-thru collection bowls make it easy to see water in fuel.
  • 99% water removal efficiency.
  • Engineered polymer bowls are reusable, impact-resistant and virtually indestructible. When it’s time for service, only the filter element is replaced – the see-thru bowl and drain valve assembly are reused. The long life cycle of the bowl saves money and reduces environmental impact.
  • Optional priming:
    • Integrated primer pump and vent plug.
    • Hand-operated fuel priming pump.
    • 12 volt or 24 volt electronic priming pump.
  • Optional water-in-fuel sensor.
  • Also optional 200watt in-bowl heater available in 12 or 24VDC.