Marine Industry

You expect one thing from your on-board engines and that’s reliability. But if your engines don’t run then you can’t sail and if you can’t sail you could lose business, endure large repair bills or suffer reputation damage. IPU has a range of products that can help improve your reliability and therefore your profitability:

You trust your onboard engines to power critical systems such as:

  • Navigation systems
  • Communications and alarms
  • Emergency bilge and fire pumps
  • Loading systems and pumps
  • Propulsion

While you may believe your engines are reliable their dependability is under constant threat from:

  • Environmental conditions – conditions such as temperature extremes, moisture and humidity can severely impact oil lubricity and a batteries ability to crank the engine. IPU can help by removing the need for a battery and supplying a start system that is reliable in all conditions.
  • Fuel contamination – as biodiesel is now blended into fuel it means water is present when it’s manufactured and attracts more while it’s stored. Water is the enemy of clean fuel. It is a key ingredient in the growth of microbial contamination and accelerates the development of rust which damages tank surfaces. IPU has a range of solutions that can remove fuel contamination and keep your diesel at EN 590 specifications.