Remanufacture vs repair | Remanufactured Air Starters

It can often be a difficult choice between remanufacture vs repair. However, choosing a remanufactured starter from IPU is a much quicker, cost-effective and more reliable solution than attempting to repair the old starter motor. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Starting expertise: Our remanufacturing team has over 20 years experience rebuilding air starters.
  2. Remanufactured starters come with a warranty: We are so confident in the reliability of our remanufactured air starters that we will provide 6 months warranty for your peace of mind.
  3. Remanufacturing replaces all wearing parts: When we remanufacture a starter motor we replace all wearing components (including bearings, seals, o-rings, gaskets and vanes). A repair usually just replaces the broken parts. This leaves other worn parts inside the starter motor that may fail the following week.
  4. Obtaining a remanufactured replacement is quicker and frees up resources: Choosing a remanufactured starter is the quickest most cost-effective way to get your engine back up and running. A repair takes your engineers away from their regular responsibilities. It’ll also take them time to dismantle the starter, diagnose faults, source spares and reassemble the motor. It’s a slow and expensive process.


We have thousands of remanufactured air starters available and can deliver them faster than you can buy a new. Why wait months when we can get a replacement to you in days. If your engine isn’t running you’re losing time, revenue and reputation. You need a replacement and you need it now.

All major makes and models

Our large stock holding of remanufactured air starters that covers all major brands including:

  • Ingersoll Rand
  • TDI
  • Austart
  • Pow-R-Quik