Reduce costs but don’t comprimise on quality

When a product is remanufactured it is sometimes associated with being inferior. With IPU’s remanufactured air starters this is not the case as every air starter motor undergoes the following remanufacturing process:

  1. Disassembly – All returned starter motors (“cores”) are disassembled and individual starter motor parts are separated, cleaned and inspected. Any parts that can be reused are further cleaned, polished and sent to the build department. Parts are only reused if they meet the manufacturer’s strict specifications. All threaded holes are then retapped
  2. Assembly – Every remanufactured starter receives new bearings, seals, o-rings, gaskets and vanes. Starters are also built according to the manufacturer’s most current specifications including the use of recommended oils and greases.
  3. Testing and painting – Assembled units are inspected for appearance, orientation confirmation, rotation confirmation, clutch(es) operation confirmation, torque of critical fasteners, bendix drive function (inertia models) and general leak test. Our remanufacturing team has access to load testers and real-world test units that provide accurate cycle counts that truly test the components. All units that pass testing are then cleaned, painted and packaged.


Highest quality

Our remanufactured starter motors are remanufactured to the highest quality. We are so confident in the quality of the products we supply and the experience of our remanufacturing team that we will provide 6 months warranty for your peace of mind.