Fuel Conditioning Programme protects Kent & Canterbury hospital

Fuel Conditioning Programme Case Study
Application: Hospital
Location: Kent, UK

IPU were contacted by Puma Power Projects who were maintaining the gensets at Kent & Canterbury hospital. They had become concerned about the quality of fuel being used to power the generators and so requested an IPU DieselCheck fuel test. The results showed that the diesel in each of the tanks was heavily contaminated. IPU found high levels of water and solid particulate contamination including wax, resins, organic material and other debris. The hospital needed to act quickly; the consequences of a blackout would be catastrophic.


The Fuel Conditioning Programme

IPU’s Fuel Conditioning Programme presents the simplest and most economical route to clean, dry, reliable fuel. It includes testing, cleaning, polishing and stabilisation.

Following the DieselCheck fuel test, IPU’s ClearTank restored the hospital’s fuel without disrupting day-to-day operations. Using the latest technology, IPU cleaned 33,000 litres of diesel and did not require man-entry into the tanks. This allows the generators to remain online as no diesel uplift is required.

The hospital has also chosen to protect themselves against future fuel contamination by installing IPU’s Diesel Defence fuel polishers. Using a mix of circulation and filtration, Diesel Defence polishers protect fuel in long-term storage, keeping it within EN590’s clean fuel standards.

“When we saw the results of our fuel tests we were concerned as reliable power is so critical to our hospital. IPU has
been excellent in restoring our diesel and providing solutions that will protect our fuel in the future.”

Estates Department – Kent & Canterbury Hospital