Telecommunications Company

Application: Telecommunications
Location: Nationwide (UK)

IPU were called in by a leading generator service company to analyse fuel samples at 10 sites. The fuel was tested by an independent UKAS approved laboratory. All the fuel samples failed to meet specification on initial testing.

Challenges faced

  1. The company’s outdoor storage tanks were vulnerable to water contamination. This had encouraged microbial growth in the fuel (“the diesel bug”) and caused particulate contamination from rusting tanks pipework.
  2. This nationwide telecommunications company would face huge consequences if contaminated fuel crippled its emergency generators. It is critical that fuel is kept in a clean, dry condition.

Solutions delivered

  1. Fuel was tested at 10 sites. The customer chose DieselCheck’s independent laboratory option. Tests included particulate and water analysis according to ISO4406 and EN590.
  2. ClearTank diesel cleaning took place at all 10 sites when analysis proved that they suffered from heavy particulate and water contamination.
  3. The 5 main sites were fitted with Diesel Defence DDF on-tank fuel polishers. 5 smaller sites will be monitored and cleaned with a Diesel Defence DDM mobile fuel cleaning system.