DieselCheck Diesel Testing

    Diesel Testing – DieselCheck Service & Kits

    Diesel testing is the essential and economical first step to reliable power systems. Any building, site or facility that uses generators to provide critical power needs to test its fuel regularly. A generator is only as good as the fuel that feeds it. Our Essential Guide to Fuel Testing handbook offers an explanation as to why…

    Diesel Testing – On-Site Service

    IPU’s on-site diesel testing service is fast, economical and efficient. We take a reliable fuel sample from your tank, we carry out analysis instantly or back in our lab and we leave you with an unambiguous picture of the condition of your fuel. You already know that diesel testing is the essential first step to reliable…

    IPU Fuel Test Kit
    IPU Fuel Sampling Kit

    If you prefer to carry out tests according to your own service schedule why not purchase an IPU Fuel Test Kit? It contains everything you need to detect water, microbial and solid particulate contamination in diesel.

    Portable Diesel Analyser – DieselCheck

    DieselCheck is a portable diesel analyser that gives you an instant and accurate assessment of the quality of your fuel. DieselCheck analysers check particulate and water contamination as well as fuel density. This helps alert you to a range of potential problems: Particulate contamination from rusting pipework or tank…