Ensuring Clean Fuel at Good Hope Hospital

Application: Hospital
Location: Sutton Coldfield

Following an IPU DieselCheck test Good Hope Hospital found that their diesel was heavily contaminated. It contained substances such as colloid carbon (a substance that can clog filters and causes poor combustion). This meant the hospital needed to act quickly as the consequences of a blackout at a hospital would be catastrophic.

Challenges faced

Good Hope Hospital approached IPU with 7 unique fuel tanks, each in different locations including indoors, outdoors and underground. The test results had shown that all were showing signs of contamination.

Solutions delivered

IPU’s ClearTank service removed the contamination and restored the fuel to quality standards EN590 and ISO 4406. The hospital found IPU’s ClearTank service to be entirely unobtrusive as no hazardous man-entry is required, storage tanks are cleaned simultaneously with the fuel and the generators remained online throughout. IPU also supplied 5 Diesel Defence fuel polishing units to ensure the fuel stays within EN590 and ISO 4406 standards.

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