A single source for Fuel Testing, Cleaning, Polishing and Stabilisation

A quick search on the web will reveal lots of companies who can test your stored fuel, or clean it or sell you a polishing unit. But not many of these will provide you with a complete service. Plus, dealing with multiple suppliers can quickly become complicated and time consuming. You just want somebody to handle fuel conditioning so your time is free for your real job.

That somebody is IPU.

IPU offers all four stages of a fuel conditioning programme from a single source. This provides you with a single point of contact and allows us to treat any issues more effectively by giving us a complete view of your fuel.

As part of this we’ve undergone a fuel conditioning rebranding exercise to form a family of services, including:

DieselCheck Logo

Regular testing can detect water, microbial and particulate contamination before it becomes serious. We can test your fuel and provide you with a comprehensive analysis report. Plus a recommended course of action should we find contamination in your diesel.


IPU ClearTank 1000x246x72

Cleaning is an essential part any fuel conditioning programme. Just as you wouldn’t wax a dirty car, we don’t polish dirty fuel. IPU’s ClearTank service cleans your stored fuel without requiring a diesel uplift, without requiring man-entry into your tanks and without losing half your stored fuel in the process. It’s discrete, economical and effective.


IPU Diesel Defence 1000x246x72

Unfortunately clean fuel does not stay clean. Biodiesel attracts water and encourages microbial growth (aka the diesel bug). IPU’s Diesel Defence on-tank polishing units and our mobile polishing buggies use circulation and filtration to keep contamination to an absolute minimum.


IPU ADV Regulator 1000x246x72

IPU’s ADV+ additive is an essential tool of fuel conditioning as it isolates water at a molecular level. This prevents water molecules joining to form clusters that could harm an engine and it prevents bacteria feeding on the water and causing microbial contamination.

Your diesel powered generators are vital to the stability of your critical systems. As you can see from our fuel conditioning rebranding we can manage your entire fuel conditioning programme to ensure your fuel is kept clean and dry.

Call IPU today on +44 (0) 121 511 0400, it’ll be one less thing to worry about.