FOXAIR to distribute IPU air starting systems in Scotland

FOXAIR (a division of TDC Aberdeen Limited) have signed an agreement to distribute IPU Group’s air starter motors in Scotland. This will improve the supply and support of Jetstream starter motors in the region and promote the adoption of high-quality remanufactured Ingersoll-Rand and TDI motors.


Engine Starting Systems Scotland

FOXAIR is a division of TDC Aberdeen Limited

FOXAIR has considerable experience delivering air starting solutions to the marine, oil & gas and industrial markets throughout Scotland. “We are delighted to support IPU and the Jetstream range of engine starting products. FOXAIR has maintained a robust business relationship with IPU for several years and this significant agreement complements our existing range of air starting services and technical solutions particularly well. The agreement with IPU will strategically help deliver the high level of distribution and service quality our clients expect,” commented TDC’s Business Development Director, John Douglas.


“IPU’s Jetstream air starter motors are already widely adopted on transportable equipment suitable for use on offshore oil platforms and vessels around the UK“ he continued. Jetstream starter products are widely recognised for their quality and reliability which has previously been demonstrated by IPU on offshore platforms such as Clair Ridge, Buzzard and Cheviot.

IPU starting systems preserve the operation of major installations and the safety of the staff who work in them. The partnership with FOXAIR will ensure that these systems are inspected regularly and returned to perfect working order if conditions have damaged them in any way.

Dave Caddick, Director of Engine Starting at IPU, expands on the companies’ plans: “The partnership with FOXAIR also gives us a fantastic opportunity to promote our range of remanufactured air starter motors. They offer so many financial and logistical advantages to existing users – advantages that have not been exploited so far.”

FOXAIR and IPU will be holding large stocks of remanufactured Ingersoll-Rand and TDI starter motors. When customers need to replace a broken starter motor they will be able to source them quickly at a fraction of the price of a new starter motor. They will even earn a rebate on the broken starter motor.

FOXAIR will also be authorised to sell IPU’s ranges of hydraulic and spring starter motors, making them a single source for all types of engine starting. IPU starting systems are found on generators, pumps, wire lines, winches and cranes on offshore platforms and a wide variety of ships.