Hung-Yew Wong joins Hasilwan Group

We are delighted to announce that our representative for IPU Engine Starting in Asia, Hung-Yew Wong has been appointed as Executive Director of the Hasilwan Group. Hasilwan Group is a multi-national engineering and distribution business with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and China.

The new milestone will mark the beginning of the journey that provides a platform for both companies to achieve significant business growth for many years to come.

HY and Hasilwan will be working closely with IPU’s Engine Starting team out in Asia. Our engine starting range includes:

  • Spring starters: A reliable, cost-effective way of providing manual starting for diesel engines up to 12 litres. They are simple to install and are ideally suited to harsh environments, including marine and offshore applications.
  • Air starters: Air starters are a ‘fit and forget’ starting solution for diesel engines up to 150 litres. Available in either ATEX approved pre-engaged or inertia configurations. They can be connected to your existing air supply to save space and cost.
  • Hydraulic starters: IPU hydraulic starting systems offer guaranteed reliability, no matter how challenging or unpredictable the environment. They are suitable to engines up to 80 litres and are available with ATEX approval for use on oil and gas platforms.

Hasilwan Group is a market leader in the power-generation, renewables and the oil and gas industries. They employ 40 members of staff in Kuala Lumpur alone and their annual turnover in 2017 was $100,000,000.