Clive Carter returns to IPU!

We are hugely pleased to announce the return of Mr Clive Carter to IPU!

5 years ago, IPU made the decision to move away from the Groundcare industry, selling our distributorship of Ride-On Lawn Mowers to TH White. With it, went our friend and colbaldwin filters ipuleague Clive.

And now he’s back – in a completely new role!

He said: “I’m delighted to be back at IPU! It’s especially exciting to return to a familiar industry with a completely new role. There are no mowers on this occasion, but there are numerous possibilities within that sector.

“Returning to the agricultural, groundcare and land-based industries, where the potential for growth is staggering, is very exciting indeed.”

He added: “My job now is to utilise what I’ve learned over the years with a new focus on filtration, in particular Baldwin Filters. IPU has lived and breathed the filtration industry for many years, so we know the applications, and we know how critical a speedy response is.

“But it goes beyond just filters – IPU’s expertise in fuel maintenance from fuel testing, cleaning and polishing, inspections, installations, additives and cloud monitoring is endless.

“We’re in a situation today where we’re putting less tolerant fuel into less tolerant engines, with which comes severe consequences. The right filtration and correct husbandry has to follow to keep everything running smoothly.”

Clive will be promoting the technology offered by IPU to old and new customers alike.

“There’s terrific potential throughout all aspects of the industry not just agriculture and groundcare, but hire and turf production as well as forestry and facilities management, the list goes on,” he said.

“It’s a real pleasure to present new products and innovation on a very familiar stage.”

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