Products for the Mining industry

    air starting systems
    Air Starters

    IPU provides a full range of air starters including starter motors and whole systems. We even offer a full installation and commissioning service. Many clients choose air starting as it is a reliable and powerful method of starting an engine. You can even use your existing air supply to minimise costs and reduce the need for…

    on-site diesel testing
    Diesel Testing – DieselCheck Service & Kits

    Diesel testing is the essential and economical first step to reliable power systems. Any building, site or facility that uses generators to provide critical power needs to test its fuel regularly. A generator is only as good as the fuel that feeds it. IPU offers DieselCheck, a comprehensive Diesel Testing Service and range of…

    Diesel Defence DD50 fuel polishing unit
    Fuel Polishing Systems – Diesel Defence

    Fuel polishing systems are vital for diesel-powered emergency systems. They remove a critical point of failure: fuel contamination. Modern engines and fuel systems need clean fuel to run reliably. If left untreated diesel is under constant attack from water, microbial growth and solid particulates, even after cleaning. There…

    hydraulic engine starting
    Hydraulic Engine Starting

    IPU’s hydraulic engine starting solutions provide guaranteed reliability for diesel and gas engines up to 80 litres. This truly independent starting solution is capable of offering black-start (or dead-ship) capabilities. As a result it can be used as your primary or secondary method of starting an engine. It’s also…

    nitrogen starting systems
    Nitrogen Starting Systems

    IPU’s nitrogen starting systems provide powerful starting for large engines up to 320 litres. Using nitrogen as the energy source for a standard Jetstream air starter, these systems provide flexibility and capabilities not found with other starting technologies.

    Fuel Cleaning
    Tank Cleaning Services – ClearTank diesel cleaning

    Tank cleaning is your first step to removing the problem of fuel contamination. The ClearTank diesel fuel tank cleaning service: removes water down to 200 parts per million or less as specified in EN590. disposes of solid particulates such as soot, rust and colloid carbon. removes microbial growth (aka the diesel bug). breaks…