Maintaining clean fuel at Canary Wharf

Application: Standby Generator
Location: London, UK

IPU’s fuel team were called by a facilities management company at Canary Wharf to sample the diesel in their two 70,000 litre bulk tanks.

Challenges faced

Analysis showed that the fuel was heavily contaminated with water, colloid carbon, ashphaltine deposits and gums, resins and varnish crystals. Such was the level of particulate, it was not possible to assign an ISO cleanliness code because the samples were out of range.

Solutions delivered

IPU Group and Optimum Power Services (OPS) proposed replacing the legacy fuel polishing system with Diesel Defence DD90. The DD90 will reliably maintain the fuel, be autonomous in operation and could be effective on diesel that included up to 20% biodiesel.Alongside the DD90, IPU and OPS also installed vent TRAP filters to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the tank through open air vents.