Fuel Stabilisation

Fuel Stabilisation (syndicated)

As time passes, aged diesel becomes contaminated with rust, colloid carbon and other solid particulates. Biodiesel is further threatened by water contamination. As we move from a 7% bio-blend (B7) to 15% (B15), the threat will grow.

While Diesel Defence polishing units remove bacteria that have grown to a significant size, our fuel additives work directly to kill tiny bacteria and neutralise the ingredients they need to grow.

  • Contaminated fuel deliveries regularly cause a spike in microbial activity. ADV Predator kills the activity before it blocks a polishing unit’s filters and without needing a ClearTank call-out. ADV Predator is a diesel fuel biocide that can be used as a shock treatment to protect against bacteria, yeast and moulds. It is…

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    IPU ADV Predator
  • ADV Regulator is a multi-functional diesel fuel stabiliser, specially formulated to provide long term benefits for stored diesel fuel and gas oil.  As well as providing enhanced oxidation stability of diesel and inhibiting fuel deterioration, ADV Regulator also provides other benefits such as improved fuel economy, improved…

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    IPU ADV Regulator