Could you distribute IPU products in your country?

Are you a great sales company? Are you looking for new products to sell to your customers? Do you want a partner that can help you boost your revenue? If your answer is Yes to these questions, you should be talking to IPU.

IPU have a range of best-in-class products that offer great opportunities for end-users and distributors.

How do you help me sell IPU products?

How do I get more information about distributorship?


IPU Fuel Conditioning

IPU’s range of fuel polishing systems combat the growing problem of diesel contamination. Any organisation that stores diesel needs polishing units to keep that diesel clean. If the diesel is used to generate emergency power, polishing units are essential. Hospitals, government offices and data centres are typical end-users.


IPU Engine Starting

IPU’s engine starting systems provide non-electric starting for critical engines on fire pumps and marine generators. They use air (pneumatic), hydraulics or springs to start engines. They provide ‘black start’ capabilities for any platform or vessel that is without electrical power. Ships, oil and gas platforms and underground mines are typical end-users.


IPU Emissions Solutions

IPU’s emissions solutions use a variety of products and systems to reduce the NOx, SO2 and particulate emissions from industrial diesel engines. Depending on the situation, IPU supply SCR systems, DPFs, DOCs, GTL fuel, engine governors and bi-fuel conversions.


IPU helps you sell

Quality products are only part of what IPU offers its distributors. We help you sell them. Our sales and marketing support includes:

  1. a secure agreement to protect your hard work in your territory.
  2. personal account management with scheduled sales and marketing collaboration.
  3. own-brand sales collateral if you prefer to sell IPU products under your own company name.
  4. free training on how to sell, install and support IPU products.
  5. an entry in IPU’s distributor listings.
  6. sales support books to help your sales teams promote IPU products.
  7. a web update service that makes it quick, easy and automatic to put IPU products onto your website.
  8. a comprehensive catalogue of videos, animations, illustrations and photos to support sales of IPU products.
  9. a catalogue of third-party documents supporting the use of IPU products or discussing the issues they address e.g. fuel contamination.
  10. web-based product selectors to help end-users select the products they need.
  11. lead-generation materials e.g. handbooks and email series.
  12. presentations and webinar content.
  13. a ‘distributor-friendly’ branding policy.

For full details on how we help our distributors sell, download the IPU Distributor Pack from the downloads area on this page.

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