DD28 Fuel Polishing System with Particle Counter for Data Centre

Application: Leading Law Firm Data Centre
Location: London, UK

IPU Group were called in to check out the storage tanks supplying diesel to a bank of generator sets maintained by Puma Generator Service Ltd. The generators are supplying vital back up power to the data centre of a leading law firm in the City of London. The Puma engineers were concerned about the quality and cleanliness of the diesel fuel in the storage tanks and the potential for premature engine filter blockage and fuel system wear.

Challenges faced

High levels of particle contamination were found after thorough testing on fuel tanks.

Solutions delivered

IPU supplied a Diesel Defence 28 fuel polishing unit with inbuilt particle counter for the fuel tanks. Fuel is now tested on a daily cycle and is run through a multi-stage filtration process to remove any possible contamination. As a result of this installation, ISO cleanliness levels have been reduced from a wildly out of spec 24/24/19 to well below the EN590 standard for diesel fuel 18/16/13.

Please download the full case study to find out more.