Equipment maintenance service (onshore)

ISD’s equipment maintenance service takes the effort out of installing and maintaining support systems for emergency generators, capital equipment, heavy plant and commercial vehicles. Our engine starting, fuel and oil systems maintain safety, productivity and profitability. They form an integral part of datacentres, banks, hospitals, military installations, government offices, construction sites and mines.

This places a massive responsibility on our shoulders. Our systems have to be reliable. They have to work on time, every time and, if necessary, all the time. We accept that responsibility. We build our systems to be tough and reliable.

ISD's equipment maintenance service conducts fuel testing and cleaning.

ISD’s equipment maintenance service conducts fuel testing and cleaning.

But there are two factors that can affect the long-term, reliable operation of the equipment we manufacture:

  1. Was it properly installed?
  2. Is it properly maintained?

That’s where ISD steps in. Our staff and partners are specialists in the configuration, installation and maintenance of fuel conditioning, oil conditioning and engine starting systems. Our experience with these systems goes back to the infancy of the industries themselves.

We know our business – and we understand yours too. We are proud of our history working in banks, datacentres, hospitals, government offices and commercial buildings.  We understand the safety, security and time constraints you work under.


7 reasons to use ISD’s equipment maintenance service for installations

  1. Rapid Deployment: You don’t have to wait until your own staff are available. The installation can go ahead immediately. This is especially important for emergency systems.
  2. Specialist Knowledge: Equipment is installed by specialists in the technology. The days of the general maintenance engineer are over. Our systems exist to ensure staff safety and business continuity. They have to be installed, tested and certified by engineers with a deep understanding of the systems.
  3. Safety Experience: You want an organisation with experience of your security and safety constraints. Most ISD work happens in locations where we can’t start work without a safety briefing, we can’t take photos, we can’t take in our own IT and we certainly can’t talk about it afterwards! We understand security and we understand safety.
  4. Industry Experience: You need a contractor that understands your industry, application and environment. ISD has been supporting power generation and construction equipment for over 30 years. We work fast and liaise easily with your staff because we know the scenario, terminology and working practices.
  5. One Contractor, Many Tasks: A single contractor can deploy multiple systems as one project. ISD can simplify your logistical headaches by installing fuel conditioning, oil conditioning and engine starting systems as a single project. This reflects the streamlined approach we expect in other walks of life. You wouldn’t want one mechanic to work on your car’s gearbox, another on the engine and a third on the electrics, would you?
  6. Reliability & Warranty: It’s essential that equipment is installed without damage. Poor installation stops equipment working effectively and invalidates your warranty. With professional installation by ISD, equipment works from Day One. Your warranty is secure.
  7. A Safer Working Environment: All these reasons add up to the most important reason of all: a safe and productive working environment. By combining professional standards, relevant skills and industry experience ISD keeps you working.
ISD's equipment maintenance service installs oil monitoring systems in gensets.

ISD’s equipment maintenance service installs oil monitoring systems in gensets.

8 reasons to use ISD’s equipment maintenance service for inspections and maintenance

  1. Rigorous & Effective Testing: ISD insists on rigorous and effective inspection protocols. For example, we test stored fuel at several levels in the tank and for several different types of contamination. We ruthlessly search for any problems that could disrupt your business.
  2. Problems Solved: ISD doesn’t just find problems, it solves them. Our service is ‘Test & Repair’ not ‘Test & Report’.
  3. Quality Spares: We always recommend genuine, original manufacturer spare parts. When we finish our work you know your equipment is restored to the same specification as when it left the factory. Third-party spares are available for customers working to a tighter budget.
  4. Fast Response: ISD reacts fast. We know that when a system fails you usually need it repaired yesterday. We have extensive stocks of spare parts and trained staff ready to leave on short notice.
  5. One Contractor, Multiple Systems: Your scheduling and logistics can be simplified by using one contractor to test and maintain engine stored fuel, oil conditioning systems and engine starting systems. ISD offers a faster, cheaper and simpler option.
  6. Specialists For Specialist Systems: Modern technology relies on specialist systems. Only specialists can correctly inspect and repair those systems. An untrained generalist is not qualified to inspect or repair equipment. Reliable operation cannot be guaranteed unless it is properly maintained by qualified staff.
  7. Helping ISO55000: ISD issues valid inspection certificates that you can log into your ISO 55000 (PAS 55) Asset Integrity Management regime.
  8. Wide Experience: With decades of experience behind us, we have seen a massive range of products from competitors. We are qualified to assess and, if necessary, replace any obsolete systems we find.