ISD - The IPU Service Division

The ISD was created to address the market demand for an officially-approved, manufacturer-backed installation, inspection and maintenance service. It covers products manufactured by three of our business divisions:

  1. Engine Starting.
  2. Fuel Conditioning.
  3. Oil Conditioning.

These divisions manufacture systems that ensure the reliable operation of safety equipment such as fire pumps and emergency generators. Our systems are found in locations as diverse as towering office blocks or deep mines and on ships and platforms in the world’s wildest oceans.


ISD delivers consistent quality around the world

ISD’s installation, inspection and maintenance functions are offered via our own staff and through trained and qualified staff working for select IPU distributors. Leveraging IPU’s global network of distributors allows us to offer an identical standard of professional, dependable service around the clock and around the world.

All ISD staff and partners are trained by IPU, the original equipment manufacturer, to deliver the same level of diligence and expertise. Installations follow the same procedures, inspections use the same test protocols and repairs are executed to the same standard.


The financial benefits of ISD

A recent report by Lloyd’s Register suggests that maintenance costs on offshore platforms could exceed design and build costs because so many platforms are operating after their expected decommissioning date.

This places a heavy burden on operators to reduce costs in every possible way. ISD can help by driving three diverse systems through one supplier. Economies of scale can be achieved when one supplier handles engine starting, fuel and oil conditioning systems.


The logistical advantages of the ISD

Lloyd’s Register suggests that over 750,000 works orders could be created to maintain a typical platform during its working life. It’s easy to imagine the logistical complications this presents any operator. ISD can help once again by rolling the inspection and maintenance of several system into a single works order from a single supplier.

ISD’s offshore maintenance service lightens the burden faced by today’s platform operators. The ageing equipment on our platforms is becoming more maintenance-intensive as our platforms move beyond their expected lifespan. Although maintenance demands are rising, staff availability is not. The low oil price puts…

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starting systems servicing

ISD’s equipment maintenance service takes the effort out of installing and maintaining support systems for emergency generators, capital equipment, heavy plant and commercial vehicles. Our engine starting, fuel and oil systems maintain safety, productivity and profitability. They form an integral part of datacentres,…

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