ClearTank Rig 500 Mobile Fuel Cleaning Rig

Mobile fuel cleaning rigs protect generators and equipment that operates in contaminated areas. Standby gensets have a low workload. Their day tanks can store fuel for months or even years. Such conditions encourage fuel contamination and threaten the reliability of the genset. The ClearTank Rig 500 is an economical way to tackle contamination in storage tanks up to 500,000 litres. The cleaning rig is designed as a portable cleaning system that can be mounted within a commercial van.

The ClearTank Rig 500 is a self-contained unit that only requires connection to an air supply. The use of an air powered displacement pump instead of electrical motor means the ClearTank Rig 500 is suitable for hazardous environments.

Key advantages of the ClearTank Rig 500


Features of the ClearTank Rig 500

Standard Features:

  • Water absorption filter
  • Mesh filter to remove solid particulates down to 20 micron
  • Finishing filter
  • Multiple drain points
  • Inlet and outlet sight glass
  • Dosing point
  • Air powered displacement pump (air compressor not supplied)

Optional Features:

  • 1, 5, 10 or 25 micron filters available


Specifications of the ClearTank Rig 500

Flow rate 651 litres per minute
Suction lift 3 metres
System pressure Nominal Working Pressure – 1 bar
Maximum Working Pressure – 2 bar
Particulate filter 20 micron
Finishing filter 1, 5, 10 or 25 micron
Water Water absorption
Environmental & Physical
Noise Under normal working conditions the noise level does not exceed 70dB(A) at a distance of 1 meter from the unit.
Weight 575 kg
Dimensions H:1,400mm, W:1,300mm, D:1,750mm
Input/output connection 2” Camlock Male / 2” Camlock Male
Drain port connection ½” Hosetail
Dosing port connection ½” Hosetail
Ambient operating temperature 5-50°C
Permitted Use
Diesel fuel viscosity 2 to 5.35 centistokes @ 37.8°C
Minimum flash point (Pensky-Martens) 55°C