Genset controls

IPU’s range of genset controls covers a wide range of applications including marine, CHP, telecoms, single and multiple genset configurations.

genset controls

  • Single genset controllers: IPU’s range of single genset controllers are suitable for both Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) and Manual Remote Start (MRS) applications.
  • Multiple genset controllers: IPU carries a wide range of controllers suitable for both single and multiple genset applications. This advanced range of controls has been designed to simplify the installation, configuration and management of these complex applications.
  • Mains Supervision: IPU carries a range of Mains Supervision products. The control unit becomes a connection between genset controllers. They serve as a bus-tie synchronizing controller between two groups of gen-sets.
  • Gas controls: ComAp’s InteliSys Gas controller is an industrial grade controller for gas engine gensets. Gas gensets are ideal for use in CHP (Cogeneration) and power generation applications.
  • Hybrid controls: Hybrid power systems combine diesel and renewable forms of power generation. This type of system is well suited for islands, mines and other remote locations where renewable sources are used to supplement diesel gensets.
  • Marine controls: IPU supplies an integrated range of marine control solutions. They are suitable for use on all on board ship engines and generators using CAN-based technology.
  • Bi-Fuel controls: ComAp’s simple bi-fuel controllers modify your original diesel power generation engine so that it uses natural gas as the main fuel. This substantially reducing operating costs.

So, why should I purchase my genset controls from IPU?

Our Engine Control division has more than 40 years’ experience in the field, and so our team is certified to the same level as our manufacturers’ own engineers.

IPU are the official UK distributor for ComAp and GAC products, as well as stocking Datakom products. As a result, these partnerships mean that IPU can offer a market-leading product portfolio.

See our full range of gen-set controls below:

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