Generator heater packages

Generator heater packages are an essential component for diesel engines in colder temperatures. They maintain the engine’s operating temperature during downtime and avoid any unnecessary idling. Pre-heating also allows the engine to deliver full power immediately, an important factor for critical applications. However, if you’re an engine manufacturer supplying equipment to clients in cold climates you may be put off offering generator engine heaters. You don’t want the added resource requirements or the additional suppliers you’ll need for the heaters, brackets, hoses and adaptors.

There is a better way. Let IPU remove the burden and save you money by providing everything for you. Learn more about the sub-assemblies available from IPU.

Reduce costs for generator heater packages

We purchase heater components on a large scale. This allows us to make bulk savings on individual components. This also allows us to pass on the cost savings to you when purchasing the complete heater package.

Reduced number of suppliers

When you install heating elements to your engines you’ll need to source a supplier for the:

This could add 4 or more suppliers to your project. IPU can provide you with a ‘plug and play’ solution that is ready to be fitted to your engines.

Reduce your resource requirements

Putting together heating kits takes time and resources away from their regular activities. It can take over an hour to put together just one heater package. If you’re building 12 engines for a customer that’s 12 hours of engineering time, plus the admin time to source the parts etc…

IPU can save you time and money. We can assemble the complete kit to your specifications and send you the finished product. Your team can then simply attach it to the engine in just minutes.

Reduce the potential for leaks

IPU have been producing heater kits for years. We know what works and what doesn’t. By working with IPU means you don’t have to worry about quality issues, you know you’re getting a finished system.