DDF-MFR Fuel Polishing System

DDF-MFR fuel polishing system

IPU’s Diesel Defence DDF-MFR fuel polishing system.

IPU’s most economical fuel polishing unit, the DDF-MFR is designed to protect day tanks as small as 1000 litres.

Small and compact, Medium Flow Rate (MFR) polishers reach 50 litres per minute (lpm), a level of performance that none of their closest competitors can match. Their design is almost totally flexible to suit the enclosures of a wide variety of gensets.

IPU’s exceptional filtration media guarantees all common forms of contamination are removed. Particulates down to 1micron (μm) are removed and 99.9% water is extracted.




Building a better breed of genset

Genset OEMs are jostling for space in a crowded market. Meaningful differences in specification help prevent customer negotiations collapsing into a drive for discount.

Proposing an integral fuel polisher as an optional extra helps differentiate your gensets. It shows a commitment to reliability that goes beyond your competitors’. It makes your gensets robust enough to work dependably in harsh and contaminated environments such as building sites and quarries.

DDF-MFR polishers are keenly priced to maintain the attractiveness of the option. Our low pricing depends on IPU being able to produce the units in bulk. DDF-MFR units have to be ordered in quantity.


Bespoke Design

DDF-MFR units are built to the customers’ unique requirements. The technical expertise and professionalism of our sales and engineering teams ensure your needs are met. We adjust the unit’s dimensions, components, connections and arrangement to suit the genset it will protect. By building them in bulk, we keep costs low.

All DDF-MFR units deliver clean fuel, whatever their configuration.


DDF-MFR Fuel Polishing System Features & Benefits


  • Compact wall-mounted unit.
  • Permanently connects to fuel storage tanks for 24/7 protection.
  • Ultra-reliable pump that achieves flow rates of up to 50lpm.
  • High volume dirt holding capacity to deliver ISO cleanliness codes of 18/16/13 or better.
  • Optional high performance filter elements to achieve 100ppm or better.
  • Extensive selection of filter cell inserts to suit every clean-up application.
  • Simple push-button controls.
  • Suitable for most diesel, kerosene and biodiesel (B100).
  • Non-standardised. The unit can be adjusted to fit the customer’s specifications.


  • Clean, dry fuel, ready for use when required.
  • 24/7 fuel protection.
  • Can run unassisted month after month.
  • Economical.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low running costs.
  • Single pass cleanliness.
  • Ideal for tank cleaning and fuel recovery.
  • Ideal for day tanks as small as 1000 litres.



Flow rate (lpm) Up to 50lpm
Indicative tank size (l) 1,000
Filtration Efficiency (max.)  99.9%
Particulate Removal (min.) 1 µm
No. filter housings 1
Filter size & type Size 14
Enclosure Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
Control System Push-Button
Pump Type Self Priming Vane
Maximum System Pressure 3 bar
Remote Emergency Stop With Enclosure Version
Differential Pressure Indicator Yes
Float Switch Optional
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Noise Level (dBA @ 1m) < 85
Operating Temperature (°C) -20°C to +60°C
Dimensions (mm) 770 (h) x 625 (w) x 240 (d)
Dry Weight (kg) 35
Inlet Connections 1″ BSP M Coned 60°
Outlet Connections 1″ BSP M Coned 60°
BMS System Yes

*Based on system specification.