DDM5 Fuel Filtration System

IPU Diesel Defence DDM5 fuel polishing unit

IPU Diesel Defence DDM5 fuel polishing unit

The DDM5 is a powerful high flow fuel filtration and polishing module utilizing a two-stage filtration principle, which ensures that solid contamination, microbial activity and water ingress can all be effectively removed in a single pass.

  • Flow rates up to 250 l/min
  • Filtasorb2 water removal media able to remove 100% free water and 99% entrained water from diesel fuel
  • System rated at 10 bar working pressure with safety shut-off at 3.5 bar
  • Optional secondary outlets allow the filters to be by-passed
  • Leakage or Spillage alert with float switch located in drip tray

Faster solution, greater savings

Stored fuel can develop solid particulate, water and diesel bug contamination if left for greater than 12 months without being replaced or cleaned. The DDM5 delivers a powerful throughput of up to 250 l/min. The DDM5 removes both solid particulate and water in a single pass ensuring fuel is clean and dry, is within specification and ready for use when required.


Challenging applications demand the highest performance

For equipment working in dirty locations in large operations across the globe it is critical that your filtration system can perform in the most challenging environments. The DDM5 delivers with each housing being hydrostatically pressure tested to the European Pressure Equipment Directive, 97/23/EC.



Pump 11 kW self-priming centrifugal pump
Power supply 415 VAC, 3pH
Frame French Blue powder coat with fork lift channels, integral drip tray
Flow rate 250 l/min
Ports Inlet: 2“ Camlock Male
Outlet: 2“ Camlock Male
Transfer: 2“ Camlock Male
Pipework Crimped throughout rated to 16 bar
Safety features Remote E-stop, Drip tray float switch, high pressure shut-off switch set to 3.5 bar
Filter housing construction Two FT 4R Fuel Filter Housings , 4″ PN16 Flange connections, Stainless Steel 304, connected in series flow path, drain ports on base, bleed points on domed lid. CE Marked. Conventional dished end to aid clean-down. Each housing hydrostatically pressure tested, European Pressure Equipment Directive, 97/23/EC. Positive seal seating mechanism. Robust support basket assembly fabricated from perforated sheet rather than wire mesh for extra strength. Internally and externally pickle-finish as standard. Bolted style closures.
Rated at 10 bar liquid, 4.5 bar gas
Pressure rating 10 Bar system, shut off set to 3.5 bar
Filtration efficiency Up to 1µm absolute depending on filter insert
Water removal Naturally coalescing – remove free water from oils and fuels, 100ppm or better using Filtasorb2 insert
Control panel Mild Steel Cabinet, full CE compliance
Dimensions 1,747mm (L) x 1,160mm (H) x 1,600mm (W)
Weight 552 kg
Optional extras Fluid Sampling Points
Flow meter
PC9001 laser particle counter
WMS-500 ppm water sensor
Telemetry for remote access

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